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  • web design new york
    03.18.2014 web design new york

    This type of links to what we discussed in the previous post. Your colour scheme should be strong, using bright colours with lots of contrast between them, but make sure that these colours are muted. ...

  • naples web design
    03.18.2014 naples web design

    A year ago, due to the huge success of the iPhone and iOS design, skeuomorphism was the biggest trend in web design. Skeuomorphism means similar design to the real - life objects. As an application of ...

  • minneapolis seo
    03.18.2014 minneapolis seo

    Like all other forms of design, web design is a floating box. I mean, things are constantly changing. That is why there is no such thing as trends in web design. Predicting the future is not an easy t ...

  • milwaukee web design
    03.18.2014 milwaukee web design

    Thanks to aggressive marketing, they are led to believe that more and bigger is better, but is far from the truth, as we have seen with a higher PPI. While some displays are marketed as "high resoluti ...

  • miami web design company
    03.18.2014 miami web design company

    SVG images are known for creating extremely lightweight files and be independent of a particular screen resolution. Originally designed as a competitor to Flash, which can be considered as Illustrator ...

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